Zen Garden Defence


Zen Garden Defence is available for free worldwide starting September 6, 2016 for Android devices and later in September for iPhones and iPads.

Get the Beta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glassbottleapps.zengardendefence

The latest game that is relaxing, stimulating and fun all at the same time. The game also integrates simple educational questions right in the gameplay. The objective is to defend your Zen garden from the attaching animals. If they break through, your only option is smite power, which is earned by answering subject-related questions.


The game mechanics of Zen Garden Defence are not new, but it further refines the strategic defence concept. You strategically place defenders to keep the attacking animals from reaching the other side. As well, the game provides a variety of educational options built-in to the rewards system, so it adds the gameplay, rather than subtracting from it. You will be able to tap bonus items with the answers to short questions from a pre-selected subject. These items grant smite power, which is very valuable in gameplay. The game provides a good combination of mental stimulation and fun by having simple gameplay, requiring strategic use of resources, and by keeping the bonus questions short.


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