Super Number Runner

The new game combines the standard platformer format with the added challenge of keeping track of number sequences. Although the number sequences themselves are simple, the challenge of navigating the platforms combined with the number sequences promises to be both engaging and educational by requiring constant handling numbers and a variety of other types of thinking.

The game mechanics of Super Number Runner easy to pick up, but combine to provide gameplay that is fun, challenging, and also educational. In order to progress to the next level, you need to get at least ten chips in the right sequence before reaching the finish line. These chips serve as the main game objectives and unlock new levels. The game also has many different powerups including backwards jumps and jetpacks, as well as obstacles to add to the gameplay variety. The game contains a story mode that runs through the times tables, as well as several endless challenges featuring sequences such as triangle numbers, prime numbers, and the Fibonacci sequence, providing hours of fun.

PR-2017-04-13-Super Number Runner

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