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How fast can you make change? Do you want to do it faster?

This game challenges how fast you can think and helps you practice mental math to make you lightning fast with money. The game is as simple as “Come up with $1.70 in change”. But you’re under the clock, just as you would be if you were working as a cashier, or trying to make exact change while in line to buy something.

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Quick Make Change simulates the mental math cashiers do daily to quickly know how many coins and bill to return. With a 10 second or less time limit, players are always racing the clock in order to better their scores and unlock new levels. This is aimed at casual players who want to improve their mental math, as well as those who need sharp mental math skills for work.

Quick Make Change is the first of several learning‐oriented games by Glass Bottle Apps. By constantly challenging players’ mental math skills, it promises to be fun, engaging and useful. The simplicity of the game also ensures it is accessible whether the player has any experience as a cashier or not.

Download:Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Get it on Google Play

Beta prerelease available:
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