Press Kits

Thank you for your interest in Glass Bottle Apps. We have prepared press kits for our apps, app updates and other initiatives to make it easy for media organizations to get press releases, graphical assets and other info.

All press kits contain at minimum a press release, Android screenshots, iOS screenshots, a promo banner and the Glass Bottle Apps at a Glance info sheet. Any questions or interview requests can be directed to

Current Press Kits (zip files):

2017-04-14 Super Number Runner Release – New release of our Super Number Runner Game

PR-2017-01-02 Food Grab Release – New release of our Food Grab game

2016-05-09 Happy Alarm – New release of Happy Alarm

2016-02-22 Meani – New release of Meani

PR-2015-10-27-Quick Make Change

PR-2015-10-26- Dollar Limit Money Monday (2)

Dollar Limit Action Shot

Action shot of our Dollar Limit app


2015-08-04 Whack a Leader – The Whack a Leader 2015 Election Update

2015-06-09-Dollar Limit – The Dollar Limit 2.0 update!

2015-02-05-Press Kit-Unit Pricer

2014-08-26-Dodgy Dingbat 2.0


2014-08-26-Glass or Bottle-2.0

2014-12-05-Dollar Limit

Unit Pricer(zip file) 2014-08-26-Unit Pricer 2.0

Fundometer (zip file)

PR-2014-08-14-Whack a Mayor Press Release (zip file)

2014-08-10-Dodgy Dingbat (zip file)

You can also download separate press releases on that page. You can also find app info, videos, news, and screenshots elsewhere on this site.

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