Pint or Pitcher Plus

Regular Price $3.99 (US, CA, AU) / 2.79€ (EUR)

Pint or Pitcher Plus is the premium version of Pint or Pitcher that gives you the ad-free experience and the ability to use custom pint sizes. Pint or Pitcher Plus is available as a separate app download for Android and Kindle Fire, and as an in-app purchase to the standard Pint or Pitcher app on iPhone and iPad.


The ad-free experience makes Pint or Pitcher even more immersive and less distracting, allowing you save money on your beer faster.

Since pints come in all shapes and sizes, having the custom pint size will really help when you encounter that obscure pint of beer on the menu.

By purchasing the premium version of Pint or Pitcher, you will be supporting Glass Bottle Apps, the independent app studio responsible for Pint or Pitcher, Glass or Bottle, Fundometer, and several other apps.


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