Happy Alarm



*** Get it on Google Play: ***https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glassbottleapps.happyalarm

Is a regular alarm clock not enough to get you up in the morning? Try Happy Alarm! This alarm clock app challenges you to win a fast-paced game before the noise will stop. (based on our Red or Blue game) but with uplifting, beautiful, and motivational images built in. The result, an alarm that forces you to get your brain going to think fast, and have the motivation to get up and go about your day.

The Happy Alarm interface with the time picker hidden.

The Happy Alarm interface with the time picker hidden.


Screenshot of the challenge game

Having trouble waking up seems to be a common problem of modern life, and our goal was to go beyond other apps that require a challenge to snooze the alarm by not only stimulating the brain, but creating a motivation to get up, guided by the personal experience of the app’s creators.

While there have been many challenge-based alarm clock apps released recently, Happy Alarm leverages the fast paced nature of our Red or Blue game, and numerous inspiring photos from our in-house photo library. The app also benefits from months of effort from the Glass Bottle Apps team to perfect the user interface. It is easy to set an alarm, and once the alarm starts ringing, the user must answer a set number of questions correctly in a row, or the counter resets. The win threshold is adjustable, depending on just how much stimulation is needed.

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