Glass Bottle Apps for Business

Mobile experiences are becoming a larger and larger part of how businesses interact with their customers. From simply providing information via a mobile-friendly site to managing the entire relationship over mobile apps and web services.

Glass Bottle Apps wants to help you boost your image and your brand.

We can do this by changing the appearance of our apps including your branding and content tailored to your products and services. Alternatively we can work with you, and develop apps tailored to your business.

For example, you are a wine bar or restaurant and want to appeal to a cost conscious demographic. We can develop a custom “your brand” glass or bottle app that can be pre-loaded with your menu offerings which prominently features your brand. The app interface can be customized to your preference to offer your customers more simplicity and convenience than our standard apps. Your customers are more likely to feel they are getting good value on your wine, and you will have another platform on which to engage your clientele.

Mockup of our Glass or Bottle app branded for the fictitious Chez Chef Shoji's restaurant

Mockup of our Glass or Bottle app branded for the fictitious Chez Chef Shoji’s restaurant

What we can do for you: Having a branded custom app gives your customers another way to connect and engage with your business, increasing the amount of time they spend interacting with your brand.

Fees: currently we are offering this service either as a flat rate for development and  maintenance or a per download rate based on how many total downloads the app achieves.

To see the work we’ve done to date, see our Available Apps page.

Work Packages:

To help you get started, and to speed things up, you can choose from one of the work packages below (or you can consult with us to create one tailored for your unique needs):

  • Branded reskin of an existing app
  • Branded custom calculator-style app
  • Branded game
  • Product catalog or restaurant menu

To talk to us about our apps and services, to request a quote, please contact us below.

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