Fundometer Greeting Cards

Need a gift idea that is thoughtful yet not massively expensive? Try matching a Fundometer greeting card with a contribution to that big thing they are saving up for. We can’t buy everyone a hundred dollar gift, but we can all contribute to one. Download one of the cards below and put something towards something they really want.

New! Generate your own Fundometer Greeting Cards with our Fundocard generator.
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Printing Instructions

Download one card from the “covers” section and one from the “inside” section. Most of the images will be interchangeable. Print the inside image first, then flip the page over as shown below. Then print the cover image.


Greeting card covers

GBcard1 printFundo-Card-C-1fundo-card-cover-christmas2fundo-card-cover-christmas fundo-card-cover-christmas3fundo-card-front-modern-christmas1





fundo-card-front-modern-mothersday2 fundo-card-inside-modern-mothersday



Greeting card center spreads (can also be printed as standalone)
Fundo-Card-I-1Fundo-Card-I-2fundo-card-inside-christmas2 fundo-card-inside-christmasfundo-card-inside-modern-christmas2


fundo-card-inside-bdayfundo-card-inside-modernfundo-card-inside-mothersday fundo-card-inside-mothersday2 fundo-card-inside-mothersday3


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