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The Food Grab game is a game by Glass Bottle Apps that features simple controls, and the compelling challenge of grabbing enough food to get enough points and beat the clock. Available now only on Google Play, and coming soon to iPhone and iPad devices.

The Food Grab game mechanics are simple: you are the Tanuki, just tap in the direction you want the Tanuki to go. In order to advance, you need to get enough points before time runs out. This requires getting combos of the same food, and avoiding penalties, which cost both time and points. The Food Grab game gets more difficult with each level, and includes more and more types of food, and more obstacles to avoid.



Food Grab game Screenshot

Food Grab screenshot: Bonus multiplier

Food Grab game screenshot

Food Grab screenshot: Gameplay

Food Grab game screenshot multiplayer

Food Grab screenshot: Multiplayer

Help / Facts:

The easiest way to see how to play the game is by watching the video above. The following details may also be helpful:

  • The Tanuki will move in the direction of wherever you tap on the screen. The further away you tap, the faster it goes.
  • If you slide your finger along the screen, the Tanuki will make minor adjustments towards your finger.
  • Each food is worth a different number of points.
    • Pizza: 1
    • Orange: 2
    • Bread: 3
    • etc.
  • You can get negative multipliers by hitting multiple penalty objects in a row.
  • Penalty items last longer in higher levels.

Download the Food Grab Game: Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Get it on Google Play

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