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Today we announce the latest addition to our family: Don’t Buy It.

This new app continues our tradition of simplicity by giving you one simple message: whatever it is you’re looking at its probably a waste of money. The app could not be simpler to use. Simply take a picture of whatever you were tempted to buy, and the app will give you all sorts of reasons why you should not buy it. In order to give you the best message at the right time, Don’t Buy It uses your feedback and a simple machine learning procedure to determine which message to give you for each item you were thinking of buying. The app will get better and more effective over time by learning which messages are most helpful to you.

So don’t wait, and don’t spend another unnecessary cent. No waiting lists, no beta program. don’t buy it is available free on the play store right now. Get it before you spend money on anything else.


Screenshot of Don't Buy It in action

Screenshot of Don’t Buy It in action


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