Dollar Limit Quick Guide



How will you get the most out of Dollar Limit? Read on for a brief overview of the basics, a guide to some of the more advanced features and some tips and tricks.

The Daily Limit

At the core of Dollar Limit is the single daily limit that shows you how much money you have left in your spending limit. You can edit the limit at any time by tapping the “edit” or pencil icon. The remaining amount will automatically be calculated from the daily limit and the amounts you have spent.


You can assign categories to each of your spending amounts to better identify them. The app comes with a few default categories, and you can add more from the Categories screen.

The Archives

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The main screen will only show amounts you have spent today. All older amounts can be viewed from the Archives Screen, and can be filtered by date.

Rollover Amounts

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The first time you use the app each day, you will be asked if you want to roll over a portion of the previous day’s spending into today. This is your reward for spending under the limit yesterday, you can now spend more today without worry! Any rollover amounts will be added to your funds remaining, while your set limit will stay the same. If you want to put some of this leftover money into savings, a portion can be excluded from the rollover so you don’t spend it. This proportion can be changed from the settings screen.

Daily Notifications

In case you frequently forget to enter your spending amounts, Dollar Limit can remind you if you haven’t entered any spending amounts for the day yet. The time can be changed, or the feature disabled in the settings.

Smartwatch View

As of version 2.0, you can view your daily limit and amount remaining from your smartwatch. Once you have paired your phone with the watch (Apple Watch or Android Wear), the amounts should update automatically.


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