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How do you know you are getting the best deal? Sometimes the store will put the unit price on the tag, sometimes they won’t, especially if the item is on sale. Unit Pricer is a fast, clean and simple tool to let you calculate and compare unit prices.

Simply enter the prices, sizes, tap calculate and immediately you know which is the better price. Hit clear and you can start over.
To change the units, tap the units button on the menu. It’s only 2 taps away!
And that’s it, one quick and easy tool to save a buck while shopping. You can now also save your unit prices for later, or share them with your friends using existing messaging platforms.

Click here for a more detailed guide on how to use the Unit Pricer App.

Calculating a unit price

Calculating a unit price

screenshot iPad Unit Pricer save price

Saving a unit price on an iPad

You can choose specific units, and compare prices with different units

You can choose specific units, and compare prices with different units


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2 Responses to “Unit Pricer

  • Now some ads are mixing measures. So it would be nice to enter one price in fl-oz and another in qts and have the unit prices handle the conversion automatically.

    • Try tapping on the item’s unit (i.e. on the “lb” or “qt”), and it should allow you to change it and do the conversions automatically.

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