Fundometer In-App Upgrades (iPhone/iPad)

The Fundometer App for iPhone and iPad contains a number of in-app upgrades which expand its functionality and user experience. Canadian and US prices shown, if the prices listed here are different than in the app, the app prices apply.

The in app upgrade screen

The in app upgrade screen (sale prices shown)

Currently Available  Upgrades:

1. Unlimited Thermometers – $3.99

Allows you to create an unlimited number of thermometers, meaning you can save up for more things.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.54.06 PM

2. Remove Ads – $1.99

Suppresses all the ads that appear in the app.




3. Basic Colour Thermometer Pack – $1.99

Differentiate yourself from everyone else’s thermometers with the option to choose Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Green and Pink thermometers. (purple coming soon, will be available immediately to all who purchased beforehand)

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.17.27 PM

4. Unlock All – $5.99

Unlock all the in-app purchases at once and save $2!

Coming Soon: Upper Crust Thermometer Pack:

Put yourself a step ahead with custom made fundraising graphics including a stack of gold ingots, bricks in a mansion, and stacks of money.


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