Glass Bottle Apps is a Toronto based development team producing mobile apps available worldwide for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Kindle Fire devices. Our goal is to give people elegant solutions to help people save money, and live better lives on a budget. We develop consumer apps oriented towards saving and productivity, and we develop for hire.

Apps on many screen sizes

Since we started in 2013 developing on a Samsung Galaxy i1550, we have grown from three original apps to about ten specialized, focused, and elegant tools that have been downloaded thousands of times. We value simplicity and efficiency and we aim to have that reflected in our easy-to-use apps. You can also check out our Glass Bottle Apps at a Glance quick reference.

We Are Glass Bottle Apps


Our Portfolio of Available Apps:

The best way to get to know our work is to download one of the many apps we have already created. We currently have several free apps available for download (not including our beta program) on the App Store and/or Google Play.




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Glass or Bottle



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Pint or Pitcher



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 Unit Pricer

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Dollar Limit


Dollar Limit on Amazon


Quick Make Change

Dodgy Dingbat

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Whack a Leader

Red or Blue





The story of Glass Bottle Apps starts in September 2013 when our founders came together to solve the problems of our job insecurity at the time. After a few intense months of planning and self-learning, Glass Bottle Apps launched on December 5, 2013 with Unit Pricer, Glass or Bottle, and Fundometer.

The first working build of Unit Pricer running on my Samsung Galaxy I5500

The first working build of Unit Pricer running on my Samsung Galaxy I5500

In the months that followed, we both took on new full time jobs, but continued to grow and develop Glass Bottle Apps and turn it into what it is today, a growing family of simple, elegant tools and games that help people save more and stress less. You can read more at The Glass Bottle Story and our ongoing Dev Blog.

What our Fans Say:

(Taken from our Google Play reviews)

Works just like it supposed to. Not too many bells and whistles just a good app that works like it should. – Samsung Garda user

Absolute lifesaver. I might be able to pay my rent on time this month! – Moto G user

(Dodgy Dingbat is a) Very challenging and enjoyable game. Love to play it. – gs702a user

Glass Bottle Apps has grown to develop several games.

Glass Bottle Apps has grown to develop several games.

The Team:

Kenji F – Co-founder

Kenji is one of the two co-founders of Glass Bottle Apps and is primarily responsible for product development.

Having self taught himself Java, Objective C, and PHP, Kenji does the app development, writing web content and press materials, and promotional materials for Glass Bottle.  Kenji brings his technical skills, hard work, social media savvy, and ability to learn quickly to the Glass Bottle team.

Rob T – Co-founder

Rob is primarily responsible for the business side of Glass Bottle Apps. Rob brings many years of sales experience, including corporate sales and consumer sales in the mobile phone industry. Rob is currently working at an event venue managing corporate events. Rob handles relations with app marketplaces, web hosting providers, advertisers and clients. Rob brings his business skills and sales experience to the Glass Bottle team.

Tomi F – Designer

Tomi has joined the team as designer and is responsible for graphic design, video editing and the overall user experience. Tomi is a student in a unique Design Studio program, which combines visual arts training with computer skills. She is also an avid gamer. Tomi brings her graphics skills and a keen eye for design to Glass Bottle Apps.


There are many expenses involved in developing apps, for example development time, developer fees and web domain registration. If you would like to donate to our continued app development, please consider making a small donation (NB: This does not buy you anything i.e. apps, merch, etc.)



There are many ways to engage with Glass Bottle Apps online. Most of our pages and posts will have a comment section where you can provide feedback and thoughts. As well, we are active on many forms of social media. We can be contacted for questions, help, and bug reporting at apps@glassbottleapps.com. You can also follow us on social media through the links below (or on the sidebar of every page):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glassbottleapp?ref=gbweb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/glassorbottle

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdhqiq7jhtR2bHzvH7w3gDA

Google +:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/110365537917845380561/posts


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