Available Now: Happy Alarm


The wait (and beta period) is over. The Happy Alarm is now available to the general public worldwide, and just in time for Monday mornings. This announcement has also been cross-posted to our Medium site.

Download Happy Alarm: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glassbottleapps.happyalarm

Download the full press kit at: 2016-05-09 Happy Alarm

Waking up in the morning can be a big challenge for even the most productivity-minded of us, which is what inspired Glass Bottle Apps to produce Happy Alarm, available from May 9, 2016, an alarm clock built around a fast-paced challenge game that stimulates the user before the alarm is silenced. By combining the mechanics of our previously released Red or Blue game with beautiful and inspiring images of gardens and nature, Happy Alarm serves to stimulate and motivate anyone ­who has trouble getting up in the morning.

While there have been many challenge-based alarm clock apps released recently, Happy Alarm leverages the fast paced nature of our Red or Blue game, and numerous inspiring photos from our in-house photo library. The app also benefits from months of effort from the Glass Bottle Apps team to perfect the user interface. It is easy to set an alarm, and once the alarm starts ringing, the user must answer a set number of questions correctly in a row, or the counter resets. The win threshold is adjustable, depending on just how much stimulation is needed

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