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Glass Bottle Apps is proud to release the new Meani app today which tracks workplace interruptions and calculates a mean time between interruptions. Meani makes tracking interruptions in real time easy by having a very simple input interface. The user just needs to press the big red button whenever there is an
interruption. Additional information can be entered immediately, or at a later time. By tracking interruptions, individuals and businesses can learn more about their work environment and optimize it to be more productive and less frustrating.

Download the PDF Press Releae, or the Full Press Kit.

The best way to use Meani is to leave your device on your desk with the app open. When you get interrupted, just tap the big red button on your way to answer the interruption. You can fill in the notes later when you’re done.

Meani in action

Meani in action

Meani will help you be more productive at work by showing you when you get interrupted the most, and where those interruptions are coming from. You can assign your own categories to keep track of your particular annoyances. By understanding how interruptions affect your day, you can structure your work time and work space better so you can get more done.


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