Glass Bottle Apps Turns 2


Happy Birthday to Glass Bottle Apps. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since we launched in December 2013. We have come a long way (just look at some of our original graphics below), but a lot hasn’t changed. We are still dedicated to simple tools to save more and stress less.


The original banner for Fundometer in December 2013

The new Fundometer banner for December 2015

The new Fundometer banner for December 2015

This Year’s Achievements

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t exactly broken out the champagne yet. That’s because we are always striving to make our tools better, and to learn how to make better ones. (if you want to celebrate, we have extended our Black Friday sale on in app purchases). We recently completed our GB Release Week, which although not a 100% success, has gotten results. Our new apps are fast becoming established members of the family.

We have also created the Glass Bottle Account system. Although right now, it is only used to backup and sync data on Dollar Limit, it will be the foundation of a lot of new services going forward. Although this is not really a good time or place for a product announcement, we are working on a few online features for Fundometer.

The Glass Bottle account system will be the foundation of many of our new creations

The Glass Bottle account system will be the foundation of many of our new creations

Stay Tuned for…

We are going to keep working on new and more ambitious projects in the next year. We took our time on the account system, so it could be a better foundation for what’s next. And hopefully you can be as excited as we are when the time comes to Beta test, then release our latest creations.  Until then, back to work.

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