Four GB Apps for Keeping your 2016 New Years Resolutions


Making new years resolutions can become somewhat of an annual tradition, especially if we make the same ones over and over again. Be better to our friends, loose weight, waste less money, and so on. Now, we can’t make all your problems go away with an app, but many of our tools are designed to help you stay on track to helping yourself, especially if your goals have to do with money. Here’s how we can help make sure your financial 2016 new years resolutions are ones you can keep:

Dollar Limit:

promobanner-dollarlimitMany people resolve to keep better track of their money, but stop when it becomes boring or too much effort. Dollar Limit can help because it is the simplest way to keep tabs on spending. It doesn’t rely on a large number of budget envelopes, or plugging in bank data, it is a simple limit and record of spending that lives up to its tagline of “set one limit, spend within it”.

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Dollar Limit on a smartphone


Dollar Limit Action Shot

Dollar Limit in action


Is one of your resolutions to save up for something big, without spending money you don’t have? Fundometer, our most popular app, is a fun way to keep track of your spending goals, and stay motivated to save more. Fundometer is based around a fundraising thermometer, and every time you have a little extra to contribute, simply add it to the thermometer. Fundometer doesn’t require any bank data, it simply shows the amount you need to keep in savings. It provides a simple, fun way to watch your savings grow.

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Fundometer on an Android smartphone

Fundometer on an Android smartphone

Unit Pricer:

Is your resolution to be smarter with your money and spend less this year? Unit Pricer will help you spend smarter by quickly calculating and comparing the unit prices of items you want to buy. Simply enter the price, and the size and it will come up with the unit price. You can enter up to four items at once and it will highlight which one is the cheapest. You can also save and share the unit prices you calculate, so others can get in on the deals as well.

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Calculating a unit price

Quick Make Change:

Quick Make Change Header BannerMaybe your resolution isn’t just about saving money, it’s about being better at the mental math around money. Quick Make Change is a simple game all about the simple, but time-sensitive calculations we make every day with money and change. Knowing this will not just make you faster at mental math, maybe it will save you a coin or two when you get change back.

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Good luck with all of your resolutions for 2016, financial or otherwise. Remember, it doesn’t have to be new years for smart saving to be a good idea.

Happy new year from Glass Bottle Apps


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