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Today marks the release of our new Quick Make Change game, which aims to make the process of making change fun by awarding points, and setting a tight time limit.

Press Kit: PR-2015-10-27-Quick Make Change

This, our first learning game challenges how fast you can think and helps you practice mental math to make you lightning fast with money. The game is as simple as “Come up with $1.70 in change”. But you’re under the clock, just as you would be if you were working as a cashier, or trying to make exact change while in line to buy something.

The Android version will be available the morning of Tuesday October 27, 2015, and the iPhone version will be available pending Apple approval.

scr_qmc_2015-10-24 Simulator Screen Shot Oct 14, 2015, 10.40.47 PM

Download:‐make‐change‐how‐fast/id1048705603?ls=1&mt=8 (iTunes), (Google Play)

The first release of Quick Make Change contains five levels of increasing difficulty. The first two levels are unlocked at the start and the others can be unlocked through scoring well on previous levels, or through an in‐ app purchase. The levels were designed such that the game would be accessible regardless of a person’s speed or abilities, while allowing skilled players to challenge themselves to continue to improve. While the first level allows a full 10 seconds to come up with the correct change, the harder levels shorten the time limit, increase the dollar values. The hardest level forces the player to calculate the change due themselves as well, creating a very difficult challenge.

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