Beckon – Be Found in the Crowd (Find Your Friends Friday)


Glass Bottle Apps introduces Beckon, the new app designed to help people find each other in crowded places.

Press Release: PR-2015-10-30-Beckon

Beckon turns a smartphone into a flashing beacon that will provide easy identification where other methods might fail. Beckon allows a user to choose two colours, and two text characters to flash on the screen, which will serve as an identifying mark visible from several meters away. No more getting lost trying to find the people you were trying to meet up with.

The new app, which is available immediately on iPhone and Android devices, will simplify the process of meeting friends, especially in crowded cities. The many colour choices are available to differentiate between different friend groups and to suit users’ personal preferences. Once colours are chosen, the phone can then be set to flash between the two different colours at a predetermined rate tested to grab other people’s attention.

2015-10-30 04.19.32 2015-10-30 04.19.46 iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 14, 2015, 11.23.08 PM Simulator Screen Shot Sep 19, 2015, 2.40.51 PM

Testing was done on the app in Toronto’s busy Kensington Market neighbourhood, where it proved successful in being noticed from a distance. It was also observed during the testing that the app works best when used from the shade, so the screen’s brightness can have the largest impact.

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