Whack a Leader Update for the 2015 Canadian Election

You can download the press kit here:2015-08-04 Whack a Leader


With this weekend’s launch of the official 2015 Canadian federal election, Toronto-based developer Glass Bottle Apps is releasing a major update to its Whack a Leader game to make it an even more entertaining take on current elections. The gameplay has been restructured to focus on “Free Votes”, or the ability to whack leaders based on your opinions without constraints. The backend system has also been replaced to allow the voting results to be displayed in real time. Voters who are frustrated about the long election campaign can now take out their frustrations on the leaders by whacking them with various weapons. Players can now also access three different campaigns, the 2015 Canadian federal election, the 2014 US midterm elections, and the 2014 Toronto mayoral election.

You can now check out the latest results at http://www.glassbottleapps.com/wal_results/, which will be updated in real time. Also coming soon are speech bubbles showing campaign statements from each of the candidates, so players’ whacks can be informed by the candidates’ positions. The new version of Whack a Leader is available now worldwide for Android, iPhone and iPad users. Please visit http://www.glassbottleapps.com/whack-a-leader/ for info, screenshots and videos.

You can whack leaders from the main menu.

You can now whack leaders from the main menu.

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