Plans for the Apple Watch

So apparently the Apple Watch came out today, and even though I don’t plan on buying one at the moment (I was tempted to get a Moto 360 back in November, but decided to wait for the next version), I think it’s time so say something about it.

Now, for reasons similar to last September’s iPhone 6 release, we don’t have any apps on the Apple Watch yet. We at Glass Bottle Apps had concluded that our apps don’t transfer well to the small watch screen. Time constraints have also been an issue, with priority going, as always, to bug fixes and adding features to our current apps. Another unresolved issue is how to monetize the watch platform; it is impractical to put ads on the watch face, throwing out a large portion of our revenue stream.

That being said, we do plan on experimenting with a small amount of Apple Watch presence. On Android, we have spent the last few months perfecting recurring notifications for Fundometer, and there’s no reason those notifications can’t appear on a watch, Apple or Android. Dollar Limit is scheduled for an update late this month, so it will probably be the first to get watch-related features. If the Apple Watch turns out to be popular, the today widgets we have developed make good templates for watch features.

Glass or Bottle Calculator Widget

If we can fit it in a Today Widget (barely) we should be able to fit it on a watch eventually.

The Apple Watch will be fun for some, but given the time investment to develop for it, a slow, measured roll out will make sure we can keep our other (and bigger) projects going at the same time.

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