GB Apps Update February 2015

Hi Glass Bottle Apps supporters, after all of the excitement of our 1 year anniversary and new years, I wanted to return to these monthly updates. The purpose of these monthly updates is to keep you, our readers, informed on what we have done, and what we are planning. Most of our work time in January was spend on the Unit Pricer update that went live February 6, 2015. This update allows you to compare unit prices even if the items are measured in different units. This was a request sent in by one of our users, and although it took some time to implement, we followed through on the request.

I also worked on several bug fixes for other apps. These were minor glitches that seem to be related to iOS 8 affecting Fundometer, Dodgy Dingbat, and an upcoming version of Dollar Limit (A more major bug with Fundometer was fixed in December). Although I have been able to reproduce most of the bugs, I am still not sure what is causing them, so they will take some time to fix. I will keep everyone posted on when a fix is ready.

Another push we are working on is re-doing our promo banners to fit better with our clean aesthetic. The new Unit Pricer banner rolled out with the recent update, and the others will be coming soon.

For the next month, we will be trying to tie up our other unfinished business and bring some new features forward. Dealing with bug fixes will be our highest priority, but I also hope to complete some new features for Dollar Limit and Dodgy Dingbat that will make them both more fun and more useful. Bug fixes will take on an even bigger focus as we work towards making high quality and user satisfaction a core objective.

As always, you can get the latest updates from us as they happen on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (see links in the sidebar). Until then, happy saving.

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