Our Favourite Apps we Didn’t Make

While Glass Bottle Apps has several great apps, services and web content, we can’t do everything (you can see the full list at http://www.glassbottleapps.com/available-apps). There are so many other great apps that do things we haven’t been able to cover. In the interest of avoiding conflicts of interest, I won’t cover anything that directly competes with us. (I will update to add, screenshots etc. later). These are apps I use on a regular basis, and I think they are the best apps not made by Glass Bottle Apps.

You Owe me One


Tracks who owes you how much. This app makes helps me feel more comfortable about lending money to friends because I can easily keep track of how much I am owed. As much as I don’t like the idea of spending more money than I have, a small amount of lending among friends is a good way to buy things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. I have

Gas Buddy



It’s kind of self explanatory, but this app helps save on gas. It also puts those prices on a map, so I can see if it’s worth the trouble to drive out of my way to get the cheaper price.


This app pairs with the Tonido software you download for your computer to allow it to function as a cloud drive. It will never be as fast as something like Dropbox or Google Drive because of slow home upload speeds, but it’s great because it’s free, you control your own data, and it can hold as much storage as you can stuff into your desktop.




I just found out about this one a few days ago and it’s great. It’s also first hand proof that just because we haven’t heard of something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What makes pocket great is that it allows you to get your reading material beforehand and save on mobile data later, especially when going on a trip when data roaming can be really expensive.

Red Bit Escape



I’m only going to mention one game for now, and it’s this one. Someone pointed this out to me while I was working on Dodgy Dingbat, and this a lot like my original idea for that game (I couldn’t get all the parts to work, so I simplified it to what I have now). This game has a lot of the same things I go for when creating a game. It’s free, it’s simple yet challenging, and there is very little time commitment. I keep coming back to it so it must be good.

Action Launcher



This one is a bit complicated now that the developer has split it into a few different launcher products. I am still using the “Action 2” version because I am used to it, and I already paid for it. I originally got this 3rd party launcher because I wanted to have more than the 4×4 grid allowed by the default launcher on my Nexus 5. Action Launcher is also great because it you can swipe in an alphabetical list of all your apps by swiping in from the left on any homescreen. You can also swipe in from the right to get a drawer of pinned apps (this seems to have been removed in the Action 3 version).

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