GB Apps Month 11 in Review

Our 11th month as Glass Bottle Apps has just passed and I would like to make sure each of the updates brings something different to our audiences than the month before. In past I have usually made a generic statement about successes and challenges, and those successes and challenges have remained constant over the past 11 months. I may post specifically about the joys and frustrations of app development in a dedicated post, but I would like to focus on this past October, and look ahead to one full month of GB Apps coming up in one month’s time.

In most ways October was just like all the other months this year, however there are a few highlights I would like to go over in brief:
– Our New Project Ideas survey results have come in and we are now starting work on Countdown to Bedtime, $Limit, and Cutest of Cats.
– We have uploaded updates to most of our apps optimizing them for iOS 8 and Android 5.0. Some are still in beta, or in review, and should be released shortly.

Looking forward to our one year anniversary, we would like to make sure that Glass Bottle Apps is offering tools that are simple, useful and convenient and will make a difference in our users lives. The biggest part of this effort is our new apps, but we will also be adding items to the website and our YouTube channel.

Being one month from our first anniversary, I believe it is time to tell the story behind Glass Bottle Apps. Some of our best ideas have come from looking at the stories and reasons that brought us to app development, and I would like to bring those stories to you. Stay tuned for a series of posts later this month. Until then, happy November.

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