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With GB2.0 launched and our one year anniversary nearing, it is time to start some new projects and decide which direction we want to go next. I have created a survey on Survey Monkey which will ask you, our users, opinions on the top app ideas the team and I have been able to come up with and how well they meet the goals of Glass Bottle Apps (check back to this post for the link to the survey later). Please refer to the ideas listed on this page (in alphabetical order) or list your own in the comments. Unless otherwise mentioned, all of the apps are intended for iOS and Android. Since we don’t have the time and resources to develop all ten projects, this will help us decide on our priorities.

$ Limit

Know your limit, spend within it. That is the essence of $ Limit (a.k.a. Dollar Limit). Set a limit, and every time you spend money, you can quickly and easily track it against the limit you set and see how much you have left to spend for the day. Widgets will be available to make the process of recording amounts as easy as possible. The app will also keep logs of which days you went over budget or how much you saved at the end of the day (which could then be added to Fundometer). A budget may take time to put together, but it only takes a second to set yourself a limit.

ic_launcher-web_allowance5 Mockup-Allowance-N5 featurebanner-allowance

Countdown to Bedtime

Are you constantly feeling sleep deprived? This app will help you get a full night’s sleep by reminding you when to go to bed. You will get notifications 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour and 0 hours to bedtime. As well there will be a home screen widget (Android only unless iOS 8 is amazing or something) giving an exact countdown.

ic_gotobed Mockup-Countdown-N5

Cutest of Cats

You can never get enough cats and Cutest of Cats will show you random cat pictures from our collection. You can add to it by uploading your car pictures and see the top ranked pics.



Mockup-CuteCats-N5Dodgy Dingbat 2

A sequel to the original Dodgy Dingbat game that adds coins and power ups. The original Dodgy Dingbat will remain to keep a simple option for those who want it. The new game will force players to think quickly about multiple objectives and make the games last longer by allowing the dingbat to destroy obstacles instead of just dodging them.

Mockup-DD2-N5 featurebanner-dodgydingbat4

Fundopig Arcade

This could also be considered a sequel to Dodgy Dingbat. This entirely new game will be based around the FundoPig character and saving up for power ups and accessories by playing mini games.

ic_fundopig_arcade Mockup-Fundopig-N5 featurebanner-fundopig

Lend Friend

Lend Friend will keep track of who owes you money, and who you owe money to. Don’t be afraid of lending or borrowing from friends anymore, now you can keep an accurate count of who owes what. You will also be able to set reminders for when you should pay back the money, or ask for your money back. You will also be able to generate messages from the app to ask your friends to pay you back.

ic_launcher-web_loan Mockup-Loan-N5

Mood Assistant

Keep yourself sane by tracking your emotions and any other available health statics and get alerts when psychological warning signs appear. You will be able to use the trigger tracker to help determine what sets you off and what calms you down.

ic_launcher-web_moodassist Mockup-MoodAssist-N5

Point to Mecca (and other cities)

Never point the wrong way again with this simple app showing you which way Mecca is. You can also find your way by having it point to other cities (i,e Jerusalem, Vatican City, New York, Toronto).

ic_mecca Mockup-Mecca

Private Camera

Are you taking photos you don’t want showing up on your auto-backup service? With Private Camera, you can have your photos saved anywhere you choose on your phone, such as the app data.


Recipe for Savings

Food can be expensive, but what if I gave you a way to have restaurant-quality meals for under $10 a day with minimal effort. That’s what Recipe to Savings is for. Cook based on step by step instructions for one of our created and tested recipes, a recipe uploaded by other users, or a variation you created yourself. The recipes in the app allow for on-the-fly ingredient substitutes, in case you don’t have the exact ingredients at the moment. You can also take an ingredients list and add it to a quick shopping list.

ic_launcher-web_recipe Mockup-Recipes-N5


Calculate anything quickly and simply using the multi-purpose supercalc. Dedicated calculators are available for all types of calculations including percentages, trigonometry and calculus. Use the double calc to run two calculations in parallel.

ic_launcher-supercalc-blue Mockup-SuperCalc-N5

Super Tally Counter

No need to keep lots of numbers in your head when you can use Super Tally Counter to keep track of what you are counting.

ic_launcher-tallycounter device-2014-09-05-213952-N5

Texting Blocks

Make texting easier by avoiding typing the same message and words over and over again. Simply tap on the blocks to create you message rather than typing on your phone’s keyboard. Add your own blocks too. The app will rank each block by how often you use it.

ic_launcher-web_textblock Mockup-Textblocks-N5

Unit Pricer Online

Either as an update to Unit Pricer or as a separate app, you will now be able to publicly share the unit prices and search the prices other people upload. Sort by product, location and price. You will also be able to see all of the prices on a map.

Mockup-UnitPricerOnline-N5 Mockup-UnitPricerOnline2-N5 featurebanner-unitpricer


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