This Month’s Update is All About GB2.0

Why is GB2.0 such a big deal for us? Because Glass Bottle Apps is poised for not just a big month of updates, but the biggest update to our offerings since the launch of Fundometer back in December. Although preparing apps for the Fire Phone has put me a bit behind schedule, most of the features will still be ready for the August 26 launch. (Ok, there is still some other GB news, see below)

Speaking of features, there will be many. I’ve been trying to keep to a pattern for version numbers: a 0.0.x upgrade is a simple bug fix or a minor improvement like adding glass sizes to Glass or Bottle, 0.x.0 means adding a major new feature like the backup feature in Fundometer, and finally the x.0.0 update, which we have never done before, refers to an update that changes the way you use the app. Of course the old functions will still be there, but if, for example, you could easily share the prices you calculate in unit price and save them for future reference, it makes the app an order of magnitude more powerful. (Here’s a sneak peek)

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 9, 2014, 8.14.56 PM

GB2.0 has been an effort on our part to add game changing features to our existing apps, rather than create more and more small apps as we had done in the past. We are still have a few good app ideas in mind, but having our existing apps be the best they can be is better for both us and our users.

In other news

Dodgy Dingbat 1.1.0 has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store.

Fundometer 1.4.1 is also available on the App Store.


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