GB2.0 is Here!

As promised, the GB2.0 updates started rolling out around mid-day today. As you read this, your phone should have already received the update and have it ready to install (unless it is set to install updates automatically, in which case you probably already have the latest version). GB2.0 aims to bring a more full-featured experience to each of our apps, while keeping the simplicity that we always strive for. In that spirit, all of the new features are optional to use: they can change the way you use the apps if you want, but they can just as easily do the things they have always done.

 Check out this cute preview of GB2.0

For both Fundometer and Unit Pricer, the aim was to help users share the benefits of using the apps. You can now share unit prices in the Unit Pricer app, meaning that if you come across a great deal, you can share it with your friends. Rather than force users (and us) to deal with the hassle of yet another messaging service, Unit Pricer shares over existing messaging services.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 9, 2014, 8.14.56 PM

Sharing unit prices on the iPad

Fundometer now has the ability to track contributions to your goals. In the add funds screen, there is now the option of entering a contributor name, and a description. These are recorded in a contributors list (linked to each thermometer).

The new Add Funds dialog on the Nexus 7

The new Add Funds dialog on the Nexus 7

The contributors list on iPad

The contributors list on iPad

Glass or Bottle’s new feature is a neat trick that will help cut down on the amount of typing needed to enter a calculation. The user can enter a bottle price beforehand and save it in the Wine Glass Saver near the bottom of the screen. Then at the restaurant, they can tap the Use button, select a bottle size, tap calculate, and all the glass sizes they were looking for are right there.

Glass or Bottle showing the new Wine Price Saver

Glass or Bottle showing the new Wine Glass Saver in action

Dodgy Dingbat now gives players new worlds to explore through new backgrounds, characters, and enemies. Some are free, some are unlockable, but all add to the Dodgy Dingbat experience.

Dodgy Dingbat's new Space theme on the iPad

Dodgy Dingbat’s new Space theme on the iPad

The new (and premium) Money theme shown on the Nexus 7

The new (and premium) Money theme shown on the Nexus 7

Since all of these new additions are app updates rather than new apps, you don’t need to download anything new. If you haven’t downloaded the entire GB Apps collection and there is something you feel you are missing out on, check out our Available Apps page. Glass Bottle Apps will continue to come up with new features, and ways to streamline the existing ones. For example, we are considering additional online features for Fundometer or Unit Pricer. In addition, there may be new apps planned as the holiday season approaches, so stay tuned to your phones and to

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