Glass Bottle Apps July 2014 Update

Glass Bottle Apps continued to go strong in the month of June 2014. On the business side, ad-revenues fell, but were replaced with in-app purchase revenue. I am interpreting this as a message that our users like premium in-app content, rather than following ads for other people’s stuff. What this means is in future, I will be adding more premium options to all apps going forward, as well as improving the free features, such as the premium mode feature recently added to Glass or Bottle. More on future developments below. Yes, this post is a bit late, but it’s not just because of my work-life balance. There have been a few pressing concerns to deal with.

The Fire Phone

Firstly, the Amazon Fire Phone is coming out, and the deadline for submission of launch titles is July 18. So far Fundometer, Dodgy Dingbat, Glass or Bottle and Pint or Pitcher have been accepted, and are currently working on an update for Unit Pricer. We are going to attempt to have all five of our Amazon apps as launch apps on the Fire Phone and we are excited to be a part of this unique launch.

Fundometer for iPhone/iPad Updates

My other immediate project is an overhaul of the database code in Fundometer for iPhone/iPad. The current database code currently causes compiling errors when building for 64-bit, so if Apple ever makes 64-bit optimized apps mandatory (which I suspect they might with the release of iOS 8 in September) I would no longer be able to update Fundometer. In order to prevent this from being a problem, I have started using the FMDB sqlite package in test builds to try to use it to replace the database code.


We are also trying again to get a merch section going. I will put out an update when I get the first order of GB Apps shirts. I am also trying to find a cost effective way to sell and package the 3D printed GB Apps wine charms I made. If you are interested in these or other Glass Bottle Apps merch, please let me know in the comments.

Glass Bottle Apps T-Shirt Mockup

Glass Bottle Apps T-Shirt Mockup

Looking Forward to GB2.0

The real big thing in the works at the moment is GB2.0. GB2.0 is a wave of major updates that will reshape Glass Bottle Apps. Most of our apps will be updated to version 2.0 with the addition of key features that will change how people interact with the apps for the better. These will make the apps faster, more convenient and easier to share. For example, the new Fundometer will allow you to keep a list of contributors so you can keep track of who to thank. The new Unit Pricer will allow you to save and share your unit prices to help others get the great deals you find. The target for release is late August. Details to follow next month. Until then, have fun saving money, and save money having fun.

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