Glass bottle app months five and six in review

As you may have noticed, we have not posted a month 5 review. We will make making up for it by posting now for our 6 months anniversary. The last few months have been crazy both in terms of personal interference and our own production on Glass Bottle Apps.

There are a number of projects we have been hard at work on, most of which will be ready in the coming month. On the games side of things, we are continuing to update Dodgy Dingbat. We have had a bit of trouble with getting Cocos 2d iPhone, so the iPhone update and iPad specific versions will likely be further delayed, but the Android versions are continuing to see incremental updates. The goal is to update the iPhone version at the end of the month to match all of the features.

Last month, we updated Fundometer to allow the icons in the menu screen to change colour based on which thermometer is chosen and to show a funds raised percentage next to the thermometer display. This month, we will add a “total amount allocated” amount to the welcome screen. This will show you how much you should have set aside in your account, stash, etc.

Another thing to stay tuned for is Glass Bottle Apps merchandise. If you would like t-shirts, wine glass charms, or anything else Glass Bottle, please let us know. We will also be posting the t-shirt designs and any other merch when it is ready.

Probably our most exciting new project is MallNav. This will allow you to access mall maps from anywhere you have your phone. So far the project is in beta, but you can join from our Google Plus group.


And last but not least, we are introducing one of our new mascots, FundoPig. FundoPig takes makes savings fun by putting a cute and encouraging logo in front of the task.

So get excited, because Glass Bottle Apps users have a lot to look forward to over the next month and over the summer.

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