Fundometer: The May Update

We’ve just released a large update to Fundometer for both Android and iPhone/iPad. As described in my Dev Blog post last weekend, I have rewritten a lot of the database management code so that the welcome screen can be customized more. This allowed for changing the icon colour to match the chosen thermometer colour and for a quick funding progress bar on Android tablets. This is the first of many featuresI worked into this 0.x.0 level update, along with a few premium-only features.


New Colours on the Welcome Screen

The addition of colours to the welcome screen is a great evolution to Fundometer, and the features I have added are ones I have been trying to implement since its first release last December. It is now even easier to identify which goals you are saving up for at a glance.

The new Fundometer welcome screen with multiple thermometer colours

The new Fundometer welcome screen with multiple thermometer colours

Seeing Percentages

In response to user feedback, I have added in a percentage number to the thermometer display on all platforms. Again, this is a great convenience for our users giving people another quick way to see how far their savings have come with Fundometer.

The new Fundometer display screen with a "funds raised percentage"

The new Fundometer display screen with a “funds raised percentage”

A New Chance for Dialog

In light of the value of user feedback, I have added a “contact developer” button to the menu on the welcome screen. I look forward to comments, questions, and suggestions which will hopefully make Fundometer even better. By tapping on the button, you will be able to directly email

More for our Premium Users

If you purchased any of the Fundometer in-app purchases, this update will do a lot more for you. First of all, I added new colours to both Android and iPhone/iPad versions which can be unlocked with the “Thermometer Colours Upgrade”. Now that these colours show up on the welcome screen, you get even more out of this upgrade (and you will definitely need the “Unlimited Thermometers Upgrade” to show them all off). I also created an “Unlock All” upgrade which unlocks all of the premium features for one price. Like buying anything in bulk, it is almost always better to buy everything at once if you can afford it, and this one is no different. This is the cheapest way to unlock the full potential of Fundometer.

Coming Soon…

This is still just the beginning for Fundometer. In the upcoming month or two, I will be working on more new updates for Fundometer. At the moment, my top priority will be optimizing the code to improve speed and responsiveness. Because of my newfound knowledge of SQLite adapter code, I will be able to add even more touches to the appearance of the welcome screen.

In the meantime, happy saving.



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