Whack a Mayor Results for Weeks 3 and 4

It’s time for another recap of the Whack a Mayor whack numbers and see who got whacked the most in the second half of April. Two weeks ago, I posted the number of whacks each mayoral candidate got in each of the first two weeks after launch. Now for the next results. (Yes, I know there is a problem with the button sizes on some phones. I’m working on it)

All Hits Ford Stintz Tory Chow
Week 1 1428 991 893 924
Week 2 1309 1122 753 1455
Week 3 685 269 222 175
Week 4 112 139 283 215
Total so far 3534 2521 2151 2769

 Table 1: Total hits for each candidate for each week

Free Mode Ford Stintz Tory Chow
Week 1 561 297 224 232
Week 2 929 678 436 1117
Week 3 610 79 68 61
Week 4 0 0 0 0
Total so far 2737 2113 1646 2379

Table 2: Statistics for Free Mode games only

You may notice that there are no scores for Free Choice mode last week. This may be because nobody played free mode that week (even whacking Rob Ford over and over again gets boring). It could also be because people are playing but not uploading their scores. Time will tell if the trends continue. One trend that did not continue into week 3 was Olivia Chow getting more whacks in both modes than Rob Ford. Rob Ford was back on top in both categories in week 3, and was in last place week 4.

Android users can stay tuned for an update in the next week. I will be posting more results in future weeks as they come in. In the meantime, you can read more about Whack a Mayor online, or you can download it for iPhone or Android.

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