Whack a Mayor Results for Weeks 1 and 2

Whack a Mayor has now been available on both iPhone and Android for over two weeks now, and this is the first update on the “Whack Numbers” generated by the app. Whenever a player finishes a game, their number of hits for each candidate is sent to us (unless they are disconnected from the internet). This gives us, and by extension everyone else, a picture of who people like to whack. So here are the results so far:

Ford Stintz Tory Chow
Week 1 1428 991 893 924
Week 2 1309 1122 753 1455
Total so far 2737 2113 1646 2379
 Table 1: Total hits for each candidate for each week

As expected, people like to whack Rob Ford. However, in week 2, Olivia Chow actually got more whacks. I can’t really tell if this is good or bad for her election chances, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting, and makes me even more curious to see if the trend continues into week 3 and if she will overtake Rob Ford in total number of whacks.

Now, the totals use numbers from both free mode and challenge mode games, which might not be 100% fair as players don’t get a choice on who they hit during the game. On the other hand, challenge mode is supposed to be completely random, so the results should cancel each other out. I have isolated the numbers from free mode games, and the trends are exactly the same as the ones for total number of whacks.

Ford Stintz Tory Chow
Week 1 561 297 224 232
Week 2 929 678 436 1117
Total so far 1490 975 660 1349
Table 2: Statistics for Free Mode games only

I will be posting more results in future weeks as they come in. In the meantime, you can read more about Whack a Mayor online, or you can download it for iPhone or Android.

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