On Developing on a Part Time Basis

Earlier this month, I took on a new full time job. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but it is close to what I studied in school, and almost exactly the kind of position I had been looking for since I graduated university. In the first four months of Glass Bottle Apps, I had been able to put in several hours a day on development work while also working part time and looking for full time work. Now that I am working, I no longer need GB Apps to make money the same way, but I still want to continue what I started.

Of course I’ve had to make adjustments to how I contribute to Glass Bottle Apps. I have been transferring projects to my business partner / co-founder, prioritizing important app updates, and being more organized about time management and priorities in general. Although I do have more ideas, I will need to get more people involved to complete them.

I have set myself one top priority per week and a list of “overflow” tasks with the expectation of completing 1-2 tasks per week. Since reducing my involvement in GB Apps, I have still revamped the Android database methods used in Fundometer and StoreNav. Originally this was to make it easier to transfer StoreNav to my partner, but it also allowed me to customize the Fundometer welcome screen which will appear in version 1.3.0. I will be posting the technical details in a separate post. In the second half of the month I plan to update Fundometer for iPhone/iPad and add new music and backgrounds to Dodgy Dingbat.

By building on my past work and transferring some of the workload to others, it should be possible to keep improving Glass Bottle Apps while staying committed to my full time job (and my personal relations).

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