GB Apps Third Month in Review

February 2014 has been another solid month for Glass Bottle Apps. As you have probably seen with our output, this month has been more about slow progress on large problems, rather than churning out easy solutions. Our biggest public-facing achievements this month are probably the release of the Whack a Mail game, the public beta release of StoreNav and the addition of the backup and import function to Fundometer on Android.

Last Month’s Achievements

February was the month we finally released our first game, Whack a Mail. Although it was released later in the month, and doesn’t have the downloads we were hoping for yet, it is still a great game with a lot of room to grow. We have version 1.0.1 updates coming for both iPhone and Android versions this week, so this game will only get better.

The Fundometer app on both platforms received updates this month, bringing more consistency to our look and feel between apps. The Android version also got the major new feature of being able to back up thermometer data to a .db file. This feature can also be used to transfer thermometer data between users and between devices. Since iOS does not expose the file system to the user, implementing this feature on iPhone/iPad would be more difficult and will most likely have to be done through Dropbox or iCloud. Let me know in the comments if you want us to put more effort into making this happen.

This month, we also started putting our Android apps on the Amazon Appstore. This is an important step making our apps available to Android platforms that do not support Google Play. In addition to Kindle Fire devices, this also means that some of our apps can now be used on Blackberry 10 devices by following some instructions from CrackBerry. Currently Unit Pricer, Glass or Bottle and Pint or Pitcher are available, and we intend to add more apps to that list this month.

Finally, we launched a public beta/proof of concept version of StoreNav with the goal of demonstrating to both users and retailers the ease and the potential of the system. While it still is not very useful yet, this milestone allows us to demonstrate the StoreNav system to companies and rapidly grow the base of information.

Coming up in March

March is expected to be another month of hard work, most of which will be behind the scenes.  On the public-facing side of things, we intend on releasing a new game, as can be seen in the new logo on the banner (more on that later), and we plan for substantial updates to Glass or Bottle, Fundometer, Buy it Later, StoreNav and Whack a Mail (The Leaderboards Update is making its way to our Beta Users as I am writing this) .

Our new game will probably be called Dodgy Dingbat and should be released in the first half of the month. The main focus of this game will be simple controls and design, with the objective being to dodge enemies that approach the protagonist.

Our longer term plans consist of further ramping up work on StoreNav, and doing more work on our web strategy. This strategy started with the restructured and expanded blogs section, and we will continue to provide more web content and investigate opportunities to create web apps and online services. Because of our limited resources, most of this work will not be completed this month, but will set the stage for continued growth throughout the year.

PS: A Look at our Evolution

In some ways it’s hard to believe that Glass Bottle Apps has only been around for three months, in other ways, it feels like we just started. Our first two or three months were full of rapid change, and our output pace has slowed to allow us to take on larger challenges. You can see just how far we have come by looking at the two pictures below. The first one is our webbanner from early December 2013 and the second is the Youtube banner we will be uploading in the next week.


December 2013
January 2014


March 2014
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