Second Month in Review: January 2014

January 2014 has been a month of great progress for Glass Bottle Apps as we launched new apps, brought our existing apps to new platforms, and most importantly, started new, ambitious projects that you, our users will see the results of in the coming months.

In terms of downloads, we more than doubled our numbers from last month with over 100 iOS downloads and over 200 Android downloads. While most of our users are in Canada and the United States, we also have downloads around the world in countries like Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Our biggest achievement of January was releasing version of Fundometer for both iPhone and iPad as well as add In-App Purchases to our Android version (We also have code in place for In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad, but we are still finalizing the setup). Fundometer has been a great success for us this month, exceeding all our expectations and leading our apps in both downloads and ad revenue.  We are also very excited by how far we were able to come on our new projects. When first starting out, it took over two months to develop Unit Pricer and Glass or Bottle because of the steep learning curve (I had never programmed in Java or Objective C before September 2013), but at the current pace, StoreNav and Whack a Mail, both significantly more complicated, will reach general completion in under a month and a half.

Looking Ahead

It is still early days for Glass Bottle App, and we had a strong focus on preparing for the future this past month. We have updates planned for all our apps, and we plan to finalize Whack A Mail and bring StoreNav to public beta this month. We are also working on a longer-term effort to add a strong web back-end service to key apps such as Fundometer and StoreNav and more Facebook integration. We are also working on drawing more people to this website by presenting reorganized blog categories and more original content for our new and returning readers.

In the immediate future, we are planning a massive Sochi Sporting Spirit Sale where we will cheer for Team Canada by putting all of our paid apps and upgrades on sale 50% off for the duration of the games and drop everything to $0.99 for 12 hours when Canada wins gold.

So stay tuned to this website, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and our newsletter, because Glass Bottle Apps is still just getting started.

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