StoreNav hits development milestone with new functionality

StoreNav took a giant step forward this week as I finally succeeded in implementing the most important feature: being able to display item locations on the store maps. After most of a week of researching data processing methods for Android online (I might write a post on the technical details later), I put together a workflow that allows both map images and location data to be downloaded from this website, saved on the phone, and accessed at a later time. This allows users to download the maps they need ahead of time and not need a data connection when they get to the store.

Each store map has its own set of location data which is displayed in a list of items below the map display. Whenever a user clicks on an item, its location is displayed on the map.


I have also started experimenting with the look and the interface of StoreNav, as you can see in the screenshot above. The look of the next version will likely be further refined.

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