Happy New Year (sale)

Happy New Year all. Glass Bottle Apps was founded in late 2013, and we look forward to our first full year of business. To celebrate, we are discounting all of our paid apps and in app purchases by up to 60%.

In December 2013 alone, we were able to launch 5 Android apps and 2 iPhone apps. In 2014, we hope to launch even more apps and services and extend the reach of those apps by translating them into more languages

Note: if you don’t see the discounted prices immediately, check back in an hour or two (you can remind yourself with Buy it Later) as Google Play can take a few hours to put price changes in effect.

Get them here!:

Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play

(Buy it Later, Fundometer, Glass or Bottle Plus)

Summary of regular and discounted prices:

Glass or Bottle Plus:                  Reg $3.99 -> Now: $1.59

Fundometer Unltd.:                   Reg $3.99 -> Now: $1.59

Fundometer Remove Ads:     Reg $1.99 -> Now: $0.99

Fundometer Therm Pack 1:  Reg $1.49 -> Now: $0.99

Buy it Later Unltd.:                      Reg $2.99 -> Now: $1.19

Buy it Later Remove Ads.:      Reg $1.99 -> Now: $0.99



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