Groundhog Day Sale

This weekend is Groundhog Day (and Lunar New Year), so you will see the same price on all our paid apps and upgrades over and over. The lowest price. $0.99 everything (except the free stuff off course). That’s €0.65 or руб30 for our international users. (if you don’t get the joke, see this movie)

Also for the first time, we have In App Upgrades for sale for Fundometer on iPhone/iPad, which are also reduced to $0.99 (tier 1). Get them before it’s not groundhog day anymore.

And if you don’t have our paid or upgradeable apps, get them here!:

UP-Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play

(Fundometer iPhone/iPad, Fundometer Android, Buy it Later, Glass or Bottle Plus)

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