Coming of Age Day Sale for Apps and Upgrades

In celebration of this year’s Coming of Age Day (read more about it here), we are putting on our biggest sale to date of Paid apps and In-App Upgrades. Coming of Age Day usually celebrates people who have turned 20 in the past year, and although Glass Bottle Apps is quite a bit younger than 20 years, 20 days seems close enough, and we did turn 20 days old last year. In celebration of this occasion, all paid apps and upgrades will be 70% off or $0.99 for the entire week, Monday to Friday (Google Play won’t let us go below $0.99).

If you haven’t picked up our paid apps or apps with Upgrades, get them here:

Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play

(Buy it Later, FundometerGlass or Bottle Plus)

List of regular and discounted prices:

Glass or Bottle Plus:                  Reg $3.99 -> Now: $1.19

Fundometer Unltd.:                   Reg $3.99 -> Now: $1.199

Fundometer Remove Ads:     Reg $1.99 -> Now: $0.99

Fundometer Therm Pack 1:  Reg $1.49 -> Now: $0.99

Buy it Later Unltd.:                      Reg $2.99 -> Now: $0.99

Buy it Later Remove Ads.:      Reg $1.99 -> Now: $0.99

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