Beta Program Revamp for Big Projects

We are launching two exciting beta projects and we are revamping our beta program to better support them. Our old Google Group has Fundometer Beta has been replaced by our new a Google+ Community. This is a private community that anyone can join by requesting an invitation.

Our upcoming projects, MailGames and StoreNav are both complex undertakings with many moving parts, so we need a large number of testers. The move to Google+ communities makes it easier for people to find us and to communicate with our testers.

To join our group of testers, email or find GB Apps Private Beta, on Google+. Testers will get early access to app updates for all our apps and exclusive access to prerelease versions of StoreNav and our Mail Games.

Here is a brief look at our latest projects, they are both in fairly early stages, but through the beta program, you will be able to be part of the development process.


Big stores can be confusing places and it can often be difficult to find what you’re looking for. StoreNav aims to solve this by providing a source for maps of any large store. You can choose from a list of available maps and save them to your device for later use (that way you can download them at home and not get data charges you are out).  Currently we only have three maps, but that’s where you come in. We want our users to submit maps. They can be photos of existing maps or your own creations. The images should be scaled to 1800×1200 pixels. They can be submitted to

Whack a Mail

Whack a Mail is a game designed to look like email. It is for people who want to have fun while looking productive, or people who just want to feel productive. It is a traditional whack-a-mole game, except it’s in the middle of an email interface. Whack a Mail is build using the Cocos 2dx game engine . Currently only one game mode is available, although more will be added over the course of the beta.

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