Beta 0.6 Updates Show Big Progress

Both StoreNav and Whack a Mail received upgrades to version 0.6 in the past few days. These upgrades represent great steps forward for the functionality and usability of these apps.


The StoreNav 0.6 update brings the ability to zoom images, a new app icon, and improved navigation through the Action Bar. In addition, two more maps have been added to the list, bringing the total to date to five. There are still some obvious kinks still to work out, but the biggest challenge will still be getting enough maps and managing all the submissions. The next steps for development will be finding a way to refresh maps users have already saved on their devices. Stay tuned and check out this screenshot from the most recent update.

StoreNav 0.6-1

Whack a Mail

The most recent update to Whack a Mail brings a new game mode: Time Race. Instead of counting your misses, this game mode allows gets you to shoot for your highest possible score in a limited time (currently 60 seconds).  This update also contains a major rearrangement of the main menu, so that it looks more like an email screen as intended, and all the buttons are aligned on the left side (see below). At the request of one of our testers, we have also added a separate exit button. Next steps include adding new backgrounds and dingbat sprites to fully flesh out the game.

WhackAMail 0.6-1

You can find out more about StoreNav here

You can find out more about Whack a Mail here

You can request to join our beta program here

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